A Day in Malmo

When staying in Copenhagen I took the opportunity to take a day trip to Malmo in Sweden, which I would highly recommend doing if you are like me and like to scratch countries off the map. You can get a direct train from Copenhagen Central or just get the train directly from the airport. Word of caution when going to Malmo, remember to get your ticket stamped (or whatever you are supposed to do with it) because on the way over I was threatened by the ticket checker person for a fine for not doing it. I to this day still don’t understand what I was suppose to do as it’s not something you have to do on the Sweden side apparently but be warned it a potential 1000KR fine which I did not have!

Malmo itself is quite a picturesque city. It has a beautiful canal (more about that later) as well as a city centre with bags of character… and a random rave as well when I went through. But being on a quite a tight schedule I only had a couple things on my list I wanted to do, the canal tour and Swedish meatballs. I had heard goo  things about the canal tour, (go into prices) and thought it would be a good way to see a lot of the city in a very short period of time…. how wrong I was. About 30 seconds into my tour the boat crashes into the side of the canal almost losing my head off the bridge in the process. At first I thought the driver had just caught a bad bit of wake when setting off and struggled to bring it back under control but in fact the steering had just completely failed instead. Cue sitting on a boat for the best part of an hour waiting to be rescued and manouveured into a dock so I could disembark safely. I one hour I had seen no more of Malmo then I would have walking across the bridge that nearly took my head off! I wouldn’t necessarily use my experience as a reason not to give it a try as I’m sure this was probably just a freak occurrence and just bad luck for me.

So after that failure I went on to the second task at hand which was the Swedish Meatballs. Using trusty old Tripadvisor and a after a few recommendations I managed to find Tva Krogare. The place itself seems very small and not where you would expect to find such highly rated Meatballs but my lord they were sublime. One of the best meals I have ever had hands down, the meat was succulently tender and the gravy and mash just perfection. Completely washed away the disappointment from the canal tour. If you are in Malmo, or just in Sweden generally, I would highly recommend visiting this place for your stereotypical Meatball experience!

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