Returning Home

Firstly I must apologise to my readers out there for the semi-lengthy absence since my last post. After a 15 month stint I have finally returned to my home in Yorkshire. It has probably been the biggest shake up in my life for a long time. With no real plans for when I came home and the majority of my kit broken or in need of repair I have had to spend the last few months stabilising and rebuilding.

When travelling moments like this can be a bit of a difficult crossroads. You can wither just jump two footed back into the backpacking world, which in this case for me could be returning to the Cruise Line Industry, doing a TEFL or doing another working holiday visa in another country. The options are infinite. There is on the other hand also the option to quit the life all together and begin to join the real world, a proposition which I have felt creeping up on me for a long time now.

You can probably see where this is going and guess that neither option is particularly what I’m looking for. I think I have decided that long term periods abroad are not really what I’m looking for anymore, at least not in the immediate future. Firstly there are a lot of family obligations which make me feel that being close to home is the right thing to do, but also personal “real world” goals like buying a house, starting a business, and finally catching up with a number of book ideas. (All things I hope to achieving in the next year). And I think achieving these goals will help stop the constant feeling I have that I am continually hitting the rest button on life. Whilst this always on the move lifestyle is an adventure, constantly having to find a new job and places to live has become, well, annoying.

But those travel aspiration and itchy feet is still there. And it is definitely my intention to carry on pursuing my travel goals. I have some very exciting opportunities over the next few months including the release of my first book (hopefully in April) based on my years working on Summer Camps in the USA, being approached to write two articles for a Student Magazine, and featuring on fellow blogger Jonny Blair’s Don’t Stop Living. Ironically not travelling has given me the time to put some solid work into the marketing of my blog and has led to a dramatic increase in views as well as reaching over 5000 followers on Instagram. All feats that will stand me in good stead for when the travelling commences.

The big target for this year, in line with my dream to see all 7 natural wonders of the world, is to chase down the Aurora Borealis. This will likely take me to Iceland sometime later in the year. As well as this I hope to visit some more of Europe and take my country tally to 40. After this my eyes will turn back to bigger things with planned trips to South America and Antarctica in the making for 2017 and then another World Cup Dream in 2018 in Russia. After that who knows!

But in the mean time I also want to talk a little about coming home. It is always difficult for a traveller coming home after such a long period away. Because travelling does inevitably give you a very different outlook and way of thinking about things. I think the biggest shock when I came home was when I saw that the UK election has basically been lost due to a Bacon Sandwich? I mean really? And this was then followed up by possibly one of the biggest political scandals of the decade, I am of course talking about Pig Gate. It is kind of shocking how big an influence Pork is having on British politics. And to be honest it makes me worry for the country I live in, a country dominated by pandering to social media and political correctness. We have always laughed about the way “The Americans” do things over there yet we seem to fail to realise how dramatically we are moving toward it. Then there’s the weekly controversy over people falling out of love with their favourite shows because they are “fixed”. I read this shit every year, and every year it is a leak of “pre prepared marketing material.” Please England get a grip!! You are making me want to abandon this place….. a bit like the Junior Doctors I suppose.




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