Staying at Corona Backpackers

I stayed at Corona Backpackers in Cairns after getting back to civilization after finally finishing my regional work. It was reasonably priced at $19 and things started off well, when I arrived I was given a “free” upgrade which was nice, and the room was very spacious and had air conditioning. But that is about as good as it gets if I’m being honest. Firstly the Wi-Fi was incredibly poor, especially as you had to pay for it in comparison to placed like The Jack where it is free and faster. It was completely non-existent in my room so I had to do my job searching for Brisbane in the kitchen area whilst everyone cooked their spaghetti. Additionally there are no lockers in the rooms, which is a massive pet peeve of mine. They do have a safe behind reception but this option is so impractical especially considering reception is closed for large portions of the day. Cleanliness in the Bathrooms and in the rooms was good but hot water and pressure in the showers was not particularly great. Also no free meal! How can you not have a free meal! They do offer $7 meal and drink tokens, which in fairness are great value, but if you are on the edge of bankruptcy like I was at the time then you would take the free meal everyday as you can still eat cheaper than that off your own budget. To top it all off the morning after I arrived I get a phone call from the manager asking me to come to reception to pay for me upgrade, when I said it was free his response was you still need to pay for it, I then spent the next few minutes explaining to him what the word “free” means. In fairness when I got to reception they had worked out there mistake and it was all cleared up, but it was an unnecessary hassle for me and just highlights the hostels poor organisation. Overall it’s not that bad a hostel, and my review probably comes across as quite harsh, but in reality when comparing this hostel to others in the city it just doesn’t scratch up to its rivals like The Jack and Gilligans. Yes it may be $1 or $2 cheaper a night but when you have to pay for your own Wi-Fi and food on top of that it works out more expensive for poorer amenities. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it and it’s not somewhere I’d look at staying again.

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