Working at the X-Studio

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started working at this place. I remember sitting in the Global Gossip at the Town Hall Woolworths and thinking when I saw this job…. Yeah this place is in King Cross it’s going to be a shit hole so it may be worth a shot!

And a shot I did have. A few days later I got a call from the abnormally large haired legend Stephen Taylor and I was offered a job and invited to the introduction meeting at the venue. I’m pretty sure I only got the call because my CV was towards the top of the pile but I wasn’t going to complain a job is a job. And well… if you know the venue… my first impression was massively wrong. When I first walked into the venue and had to give over my phone to the security I straight away knew this wasn’t the type of venue I was expecting. And when I walked into Carousel and saw the place, I a) felt very out of place and b) thought I’d hit the jackpot.

The next few days were possibly some of the most surreal of my life, but probably up there with one of the best stories I have coming back form Australia, at the meeting I volunteered to help get the place ready for opening, and what a mission this was. X-54 the main area was still in the process of being built with only a couple days until opening. And whilst I was in the back stacking apple juices and cleaning the new glass ware the guys next door were working 24/7 around the clock getting the place built taking 15 minute power naps at the Hotel across the road, which I think they just block booked the place out. It was quite possibly the most epic turnaround I’ve ever been apart of, and when opening came we were ready on schedule, I’m not quite sure how and well the rest is history.

But overall it was probably my favourite job I had whilst in Australia. I had another job working in a call centre so I didn’t even need the work but I enjoyed it so much and liked the people I worked with like Stephen and Ken so I didn’t even care. And the opportunity to meet some famous faces like Kyle Sandilands, Nelly, Ron Creevey and John Ibrahim didn’t hurt either. I would of met Floyd Mayweather as well if the Australian Government didn’t refuse his visa! I also missed out on the Playboy mansion night as well as I’d left for regional work… quite possibly my biggest regret from my time in Australia!

But I think the most epic effort I did was I worked one Thursday night for the Nelly event straight after work, finished around 4am, walked back to my flat picked up a McDonalds breakfast then went straight back to the call centre for an 8am start without sleep. By midday I was flagging pretty badly but luckily Friday are usually pretty quiet in the freight world!

All in all it was an amazing project to be involved in, even if I was the guy cleaning the glasses and taking out the trash, but still probably the best job I’ve had when travelling in Australia, best of luck to everyone still involved there!



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