The Closet Steak Eater and the Sea Mushroom Graveyard

So I spent three months earlier in the year doing my regional work on an organic farm in the Tablelands in Australia. And during this I had my first ever experience of the world of Food Politics. Unless you have ever experienced this yourself you are probably thinking what on earth does this mean? And rightly so, because in all honesty, I think it is one of the most ridiculous things to waste your breath on. But at the end of the day, much like the “who’s the better traveller” one-upmanship game you experience when hostelling, this one is all about “who’s the better eater?”

The farm I worked on called Fruitopia, was a bit of a Mecca so to speak for Fruitarians in Australia. Basically a fruitarian is someone who only eats fruit, but whilst there I met people who identified themselves in various ways. There were vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, raw food vegans and so on so on. But please don’t get me wrong before I really kick into this rant, I met some really amazing fruitarians whilst at Fruitopia and others who taught me a lot about food and diets that I honestly never knew anything about. In particular the many uses of coconut oil which I found very interesting. I plan to incorporate a lot of the lessons I learnt into my diet in the future, because let’s be honest my diet is atrocious, and the only thought I ever usually put it into it is deciding between KFC, Pizza Hut and Burger King.

But this was only some, there were then also the smug, fart sniffing whack jobs that had the audacity to look down on me (and others) because of what I eat. One person actually accused me of being a murderer because I openly eat meat. My response to this was to casually crush a green ant in her view that was about to sink its teeth into my arm. And when you are in amongst a large group of people like this the conversation is just about food, not movies or world events, it’s usually constant ranking of favourite fruits and a debate over who has eaten the better Durians. But in my personal opinion, being that obsessed over food that it’s all you ever talk about is incredibly unhealthy, and judging others based on what they eat is no better than judging people who are for example homosexual, because it is a life choice, you have no right. I can straight away tell you are probably thinking well you’re a bit of a hypocrite then aren’t you, but to make it clear I’m ranting about the whole concept of food politics and peoples hypocrisy not fruitarians in particular. I personally couldn’t care less what people eat, and if it works out for you then that’s great, but don’t go calling me a murderer when you yourself are a closet steak eater.

But getting on to those hypocrisies. Firstly every single person who came to that farm arrived in some sort of gas guzzling automobile run on diesel or petrol and happily use electricity. I recently read that power stations on average are responsible for 5.18 avian deaths per GWh produced, that includes deaths from mining, operation, acid rain and climate change. This doesn’t include the 600,000 plus animals killed in the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010 as well as other events like this. I’m not saying my Carbon Foot Print is anything to shout about but at least I’m not running around under the delusion that I’m not part of the problem. But getting onto the more individual hypocrisies, one fruitarian I met who questioned my diet, turned out they would regularly go out and secretly buy steaks, hence the title of this blog. Then there was the “raw food vegan family” who had a graveyard of muscle shells behind their house. But no the proper name for them isn’t muscles, it’s sea mushrooms, so it’s all ok. No it’s not ok! A muscle is a fish, and fish is meat not a mushroom you ignorant jackass. But that is literally the extent some people would go to try and keep up appearances that they are whatever they say they are. But why even care? If your body is telling you to eat steak or muscles that’s absolutely fine, if you do the raw food diet and it works for you then awesome hats off to you I know I couldn’t do it, and if you want to pig out at McDonalds that’s fine also!

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