Staying at Absolute Backpackers

I stayed at Absolute Backpackers whilst staying at Mission Beach to complete my Skydive. The location of the hostel is excellent, only 200 metres from the Greyhound Bus station and Woolworths and then only a ten minute walk from the Dive Centre and the Beach. Everything you need in a very close area!

Even though the main reason of my visit was to do the Skydive, as I’m sure it is for many others, there are other things to do there that the hostel is very much tied into. For example they regularly organised nature walks, crocodile farm visits and the usual reef tours and boat hires in addition to deals with local bars and restaurant’s.

The staff were also very friendly and helpful. I had to extend my stay due to weather delaying my skydive and it was very easy to do this and was reasonably priced at only $17 a night. It had a very comfortable lounge area where you could input your hard drive and watch films as well as a big kitchen with outdoor seating. The only annoying thing I found was that they had some ridiculous chains on the lighters for the gas hobs which were a pain in the ass when you were trying to light a hob on the opposite side to where they were attached, usually I just resorted to using my own lighter which wasn’t always the safest way to do it! It isn’t a huge issue, and I’m not saying get rid of those chains (they are clearly there so people don’t go walkabouts with their lighters) but I’m just suggesting…. may ‘be make them a little longer? And refilled regularly as well while your at it? Thanks.

Possibly I am being a little picky and harsh because overall it is a great hostel and I highly recommend staying there!

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