Staying at Bunk Backpackers

After spending 3 months on a farm in the Tablelands in Queensland it was good to get back to the city and civilization. And like many others before the place I decided to stay in Brisbane was Bunk Backpackers located in the heart of Fortitude Valley. It only cost me $18 a night, which is a bargain considering I was also upgraded for free from a 20 person dorm to an 8 person dorm with bathroom. They do also run an offer where if you pay 3 weeks in advance you can get an 8 person room for $150 a week which is definitely worth it if you are living and working in the city, at least until you get set up in a flat or house share.

And there is a lot to this Hostel which makes it incredible value for your $. Everyday there is a free breakfast, granted it is a very basic selection of cereal and toast, but when you are on a tight backpacker budget like myself it is massively helpful. In addition they also hold events every evening in Birdee’s, the bar attached to the hostel, where they often give out free stuff like drinks, travel coupons or free tours etc. My two favourites were the pub quiz, which was presented by a brilliant host who is absolutely hilarious and the Bingo which was hosted by a pair of transvestites. This of course was not a problem for me, but the accents they put on were difficult to understand, though personally I believe this was just a ploy to make you sit closer so they can sniper you and spank your ass when your not looking.

On a whole the drink deals at Birdee’s are also excellent and some of the cheapest you can find in town even if you aren’t a guest, and of course there is the free cocktail that you receive on arrival (how could I forget about free alcohol?). My only regret was not being rich enough to take full advantage of these great offerings.

But all in all it was great stay. And I’d like to give a shout out to fellow travel blogger Jason Baker writer of that I met at the hostel who is an absolute legend and knows his stuff. I still want one of those BauBax jackets that you showed me!

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