Moscow Circus

At 26 years old and finally my very first time at the circus. I actually didn’t even realise that circus’s were still a thing if I’m being honest… But anyway to the point, I, like I’m sure a lot of you may also think, went in thinking that the circus was more for young children and the whole thing would a little bit silly. But I was actually very wrong, yes there was some cheesy humour and a high pitched clown, but it was actually a great experience and the stunts were spectacular.

I got tickets in the cheapest section, only $27.50, and to be honest when I got to my seat in the “green zone” I didn’t really see what the big difference in this section was. When they brought out the Macau’s, I had them flying directly over my head, as well as Jack Sparrow, so I think they were very good seats to be honest.

But the acts were definitely very impressive, there was a tiny little Russian guy being thrown 20 feet in the air whilst on stilts, a Chinese ballet dancer balancing on top of a guys head on just her tip toes, they had camels (I’ve never seen a camel before), Jack Sparrow skipping on a tight rope 30 ft in the air putting the Pirates of the Caribbean show on my old Disney ship to shame, and the creme de la creme, 6 guys on motorcycles simultaneously going around inside a steel sphere which looked like it would struggle to fit them all in yet alone have them cycle in it. This was apparently the first time they ever attempted 6 people in the death ball so I was very relieved to see nobody die. It was like watching an episode on Britain’s Got Talent except the acts were actually talented.

What I also thought was nice was at the end of the show they did a little parade with all the performers holding flags from the countries where they originate. I thought this was a nice touch as it shows that no, not everyone is from Moscow as the name would suggest. I noticed that there was a number of Ukrainian flags as well which was nice to see considering all the issues going on in that part of the world recently, it just goes to show how unnecessary it all is.

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