My Quest to Download FM15

So after attempting to go cold turkey and quit Football Manager for a while, even going to the extent of deleting Steam entirely from my laptop, I gave in to the uncontrollable urge to download the new most recent FM15 for my phone. And this is the story of the dedication it took to quench that thirst for Football Manager.

Normally downloading a game onto your phone isn’t really an issue, but when you are working on a farm in the outback of Australia with no wifi and only 1GB of Data to use a month, downloading a 700MB with only 1gb of data to last you a month becomes a bit of a problematic. But I would not let this deter me, there is a McDonalds that’s only a 3 mile bicycle ride away, the bike may not have any gears, but it pedals so it’s not too bad a ride in despite the 30 degree + heat.

So I get to McDonalds, buy my $1 Frozen coke and settle down to the task of downloading FM15. As you can probably guess this was quite a lengthy process, 2 hours and 45 minutes to be exact. Which again isn’t a problem, but with about 15% left the sun started to go down and I was left with the dilemma of leaving so I could cycle back in the light or lose it all when I was so so close. Naturally I stuck it out and stayed until I had that file completely downloaded, I even sent my girlfriend to cycle back ahead on her own, with failing light, when she wasn’t entirely sure on the route back. Did it matter that she might get lost or kidnapped? Well of course it does but at that moment in time it didn’t really register with me.

So just as the final bit of light for the day fell across the horizon the final % of download finally completed and I was able to disembark on the long cycle back alone in pitch black. Along the way I was attacked by 2 dogs, driven off the road 3 times and had only the full moon and the dead kangaroo I passed on the way in to guide me home, but I made it back in one piece (as did my girlfriend thankfully) and settled down to a weekend of trying to keep Burnley in the Premiership. Never in my life have been more grateful for the moon…

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