TBT: Sky Tower Fall Auckland (Saturday February 16th 2013)

So the day after completing my first ever bungee jump off Auckland Bridge I set about completing my next adrenaline rush task – the Sky Tower fall.

The day didn’t start off great when they refused to let me take my own GoPro up with me, this really pissed me off as it basically forced you into having to spend extra money to use theirs, which you are going to do when you do something like this.

The actual jump is quite difficult to describe really. It isn’t a base jump, it isn’t a zip line and it isn’t a bungee. The best way to describe it is it’s kind of like a controlled zip bungee I guess. The most scary part of it was the height – when I was stood on top of the platform and the bridge I jumped off the day before (which seemed quite high in my memory) was only a mere spec below me – I did for a brief second questions what I got myself in for. But as soon as you gather the balls to jump off the platform you do feel very secure. When you first jump off they kind of keep you their suspended for a few minutes while they take some set pictures of you. But I kind of stuffed these up because I got distracted form all the flashes from the Chinese tourists and kids waving at me from the viewing platform which was directly next to me.

Then they drop you. For the first few seconds I was a bit like oh shit but you quite quickly start to slow down which is a bit like what?? So it wasn’t as exhilarating as the bungee I did the day before where it is just totally 100% free fall into the water below but it definitely is worth doing. The Auckland Tower is the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere so to say that you have a) hung off it and b) jumped off it is a pretty cool thing to have done. But saying that it did cost significantly more than the bungee I did the day before, even with a discount voucher I found in an AA book. So in terms of value for money I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it over the bungee jump, but if you have the money to do both I would definitely recommend doing it.



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