Backpackers Newcastle Review

When staying in Newcastle I stayed at the Backpackers Newcastle on Dennison Street which I found through HostelBookers. It was very reasonably priced at only $30 dollars a night and honestly it’s very hard to find anything negative to say about the place, except only that it’s unfortunately in Newcastle.

The hostel is run by a lady called Momma Shar. An absolute legend of a lady, a great host and extremely helpful. On the night I stayed she put on a free meal for the guests, which was hot dogs and salad, and she didn’t hold back at all on generosity. In fact she ordered me to have at least 6 and that if any were left over she would wake me up in the morning with a sausage in my face. Which is not something I would complain about, backpackers are all about the free food! And just so happens there were some left over so I had another free meal of sausages for breakfast.

On top of that the hostel also offers free Wi-Fi, complimentary hammocks, has a pool and also includes a free shuttle to the train or bus station. They will also pick you up as well if you contact them, which would have been good to know after my 1 mile walk from the station with four bags in tow! And all that for only $30 is definitely brilliant value for money.

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