Trying to walk in Sydney….

Never in my life have I been to a city where the people collectively walk in such a horrific manner….

I understand that there has been a general global decline in walking standards due to the mobile age, but in Sydney it’s something else. Nowhere else would people flock an underground tunnel from wall to wall walking in only a single direction, making anyone’s task of trying to get to their platform in the opposite direction like Mufasa trying to save Simba from the stampede of Gazelle.

Also only in Sydney will you find people walking horizontally across the front of barriers…… I can’t even fathom why anyone would consider that an intelligent thing to do, least of all with young children in tow. And this behaviour extends to escalator etiquette as well. Most societies have a standard social norm of stand on the left and walk on the right or vice versa. Well not in Sydney apparently. The number of times I’ve been on a crowded platform almost being pushed onto the track whilst two idiots stand side by side on the escalator is no longer quantifiable.

I’ve been in Sydney for 6 months now and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to walking there is no social norm…. well except that walking like a twat appears to be acceptable here. It makes me wonder when I have some idiot plow in to me head on, just how many people from Sydney who travel to London get punched in the face on their first day. It’s probably pretty high, or they just get Taxi’s everywhere because social order is too much for them. Rant over…

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