In Memoriam: Elena Ferrari

This week I was shocked to learn about the sudden passing of my friend and colleague Elena Ferrari. It was Elena who just over a year ago hired me to work temporarily with her in London. And this opportunity not only helped me out at a time when I was struggling to find work in London, it also opened a door for me which has created further opportunities whilst I travel here in Australia and beyond. And for this I am forever grateful.

And those few months I worked with Elena I gained an insight in to the work she did, and how she helped countless young people embark on what can often be a trip of a lifetime. It could be a thankless job at times, and more often than not the people Elena helped would have been none the wiser as to how much work actually went into ensuring their placements went through.

So all in all I just want to say thank you. Thank you on behalf of all those lives you touched and thank you personally for welcoming me into what is not only a community but a family. I like many before me may not be where I am now without your intervention. I hope you rest in peace Elena you will most definitely be missed.

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Elena Ferrari

  1. This is very sad news to hear about your colleague Elena 😞 but it’s very moving to read about how she made an impact on you and your career with Camp America may you Rest in Peace Elena 💐

  2. Thank you for your lovely words about Elena. I’ve known her for over forty years and she was a very close friend. I know how much she loved working at Camp America and now, having met so many of her work friends/colleagues, I can understand why – just the right fit for her personality! I miss her. Sue

    1. Your very welcome Sue. Unfortunately I didn’t know her long but I thoroughly enjoyed working with her she was a great person and such a sad loss. Camp america is a great place to work and I’m very grateful for her bringing me into that company. All the Best. Ben

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