Throwback Thursday : Yellowstone

For my first post in the Throwback Thursday blog edition I am going to post about one of my favourite places I have ever been to which is Yellowstone National Park. I went there in 2011 during a road trip I did with my friends David Nally and Thomas Holmes after finishing camp that summer. And just for effect I am writing it up exactly how I wrote it in my “memoirs.”

Road Trip Day 7 – Wednesday 17th of August 2011

“I had my first solid shit in many many days! Thankfully I got healthy at exactly the right time because the next few days were some of the best and most memorable of the road trip. We set off to Yellowstone early and got to the visitor centre at Gardiner at around half 4 in the afternoon. We then got some supplies and booked a camp site before entering the park. We first drove towards Canyon Village and the scenery driving through was absolutely breathtaking. From there we then drove towards the lake where our camp site was. I finally managed to convince Dave Dogg that Yellowstone was in fact a volcano. We then set up camp and met two elderly couples who were travelling back from Alaska. They had a huge fire going and invited us over and were some of the kindest people I have ever met. They made us smore’s, regular hot-dogs, and then randomly… the Reindeer Hot-Dog. The Reindeer hot-dogs were originally meant for their neighbours back home but they kindly shared them with us instead! And they tasked absolutely delicious. We heard a lot of stories about bears coming into camps in Yellowstone so we were pretty scared in our small pop up two man tent. Tom especially was pretty scared, but we did have my machete out just in case!”


Road Trip Day 8 – Thursday 18th of August 2011

“We travelled around the park in much more detail on this day. First we stopped at the lake, which is on top of the volcanoes caldera. Again another breath taking site and it was absolutely huge! I’m a bit of a geology geek and I found the types of rock on the beach fascinating and spent a fair amount of time walking around picking them up and looking at them, much to the annoyance of Tom and Dave. We then stopped at a few Geysers which were again.. breathtaking. You could really feel the heat coming off of them. Next we went to Old Faithful which we just missed having a large eruption, which was disappointing, but not the end of the world! Next stop was the Grand Prismatic Geyser. This was definitely the highlight of the entire trip, the colours were amazing, the heat was intense, and the smell of sulphur was ridiculously strong, I have never experienced anything like it. I could of spent all day there taking pictures and just looking at it. After all the sightseeing and walking we had done we then headed out of the park to get internet at a McDonalds so we could then plan the next leg of our trip. We sorted out the route to Seattle and confirmed our accommodation with a man called Dennis who we found on AirBnB before going back to camp. At camp we then scavenged some firewood from the forest so we could make a fire this time because of the cold. I finally mastered the TeePee style of fire building.”


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