Iguazu Falls

Going out to Foz de Iguacu was definitely one of the highlights on my recent trip to South America. Managed to knock off another Wonder of World as well as see some amazing wildlife and met some amazing people…. it’s actually quite difficult to decide where to start when trying to write about this…

I guess a logical place to start will be with the hostel. I stayed in the Green House Hostel in a private room with my girlfriend and honestly I couldn’t recommend this place enough. We stayed in a private room with an ensuite bathroom for only £21 a night per person. The only issue we had was that our shower tap came off the first night… bit of a bugger… but it was fixed instantly which was great. They organised trips to the falls, which was a big help – we booked our trip to the Argentinian side through them, which made it really easy and hassle free. The free breakfast in the morning was excellent and was served at a good time (between 8 and 10). Then in the evenings they had a bar and put on food – the drinks were reasonably priced (a lot cheaper then most bars) and they did some massive burgers and steaks, which I was too cowardly to attempt!! The owner Eddy was a great guy – was always around in the evening hanging out and having a few beers with the guests which made the atmosphere that much better. It was clearly that good a place that the staff would come back after their shifts just to hang out and even took us out with them on nights out – I even had a shot of jaeger bought for me by one of them which was massively generous. Whilst there I also met a fellow Blog Writer Jonny Blair from Northern Ireland. He has been doing this for about 7 years and now lives off his blog. You can find a link to it here. Kind of an idol really as this is the kind of life style that I would love to live and he’s been to so many amazing places, including Antarctica which is a dream of mine, so very jealous!! Only downside was he’s a Bournemouth fan but can’t hold that against him too much!! But Jonny arranged a pool tournament our first night in the hostel with each person representing their country – but as there was already quite a few English people I actually represented Australia and ended up beating Jonny representing Northern Ireland in the final for an Australia win!! (Though I wouldn’t necessarily say this was due to my pool skills.. more that we were the only two still awake so it was more of a last man standing type contest.)

Moving on… so the waterfalls were absolutely epic. It is really easy to get to the Brazilian side by getting the 120 bus from Av. Jorge Schimmelpfeng in the centre of Foz de Iguacu. It is then a 45 Reals entry which pays for the bus which you can hop and off at different areas. There was lots of raccoons which were funny and clearly used to tourists as they would kind of follow you around hoping to get some food dropped off for them. But if you haven’t had your rabies jabs I wouldn’t get too close or try to feed them or anything! The Falls were quite full when I went to see them – not as full as they had been after the huge flood they had a month prior in June when whole walkways were washed away on the Argentina side. But anyway the views were spectacular and I was lucky enough to see a rainbow in the spray when I went up to the Devil’s Throat. The next day we went to the Argentinian side. Unfortunately it rained a lot of the time we were on this tour but it was still really worth it. We got to see the Triple Frontier (where the Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay borders meet) We also got to see the some of the carnage from the floods in June, unfortunately this meant we couldn’t go all the way to Devil’s Throat on the Argentina side, but because we had seen it already on the brazil side we didn’t really mind. We also did the boat trip when doing the Argentina side, which was absolutely epic, and one of the best things I did on the trip as a whole. The trip takes you right up to the waterfalls and you get absolutely drenched but it is totally worth it. You can see the link to the video I filmed here. Then of course I also got an Argentina stamp in my passport, which was cool, and fills out the passport that little bit more!!

Then you can also go to Parque das Aves, which is the bird park located just next to the entrance to the Brazilian side of the falls. It is around 32 Reals entry and takes about two hours to do well. It has all kinds of birds and starts off where they are kind of Just in cages sleeping or eating but when you walk further in you can go into the aviaries where they literally just fly all around you. We even saw a Toucan! Which are extremely rare and he seemed so placid – I thought he was drugged up or something – but even though he looked pretty chilled out he does bite apparently! And it will hurt!! Those beaks look pretty lethal. Then at the end you even get a chance to hold a tame Macau, which was awesome. And it goes well with my growing collection of animal pictures!!

But overall it was a great trip. And one you can do in three or 4 days. As well as the trips I’ve mentioned you can also go to the Itaipu Dam which is the second biggest in the world and provides a lot of the energy for Sao Paulo in particular. Then as well as going into Argentina you can also go into Paraguay (Again for the stamp) but Paraguay is a really good place to get some cheap stuff. In particular electronics can be bought very cheaply in Paraguay.

One thought on “Iguazu Falls

  1. The Gran Aventura Speed Boat ride is definitely the #1 highlight of visiting the Argentinian side of Iguazu Falls. And the “raccoons” you saw are called coatis. They are very similar to raccoons, and can be found throughout most of Central America and the top half of South America. Saw my first one in Belize back in 2009, but didn’t know what it was called until I got here during World Cup 2014. Cute, but very dangerous little buggers!

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